Personalise your healthcare

Your DNA makes you different. So why not use the power of your genetics to better inform your healthcare?

What is mygeneRx?

mygeneRx is a simple DNA test that determines how you metabolise medication. With this knowledge, you can ensure you’re taking the right medication at the right dose. That means fewer side effects, safer treatment, and maximum effectiveness.

Should I test?

You should take the mygeneRx test if any of the following are relevant to you:

Experiencing side effects from medication

Requiring doses outside the recommended range

Looking to be empowered about your health

Not responding to certain medications

Planning to start a new medication

Want to ensure safety of possible future treatments

 How it works

Begin the process


To begin the process, order your test here. Contact us if you’d like us to speak to your medical practitioner on your behalf to discuss the testing process, or if you need us to refer you to a participating medical practitioner.

Collect DNA sample


A simple, quick cheek swab taken in the comfort of your own home. Remember not to eat or drink anything for one hour prior to taking your sample. When you’ve done the cheek swab, book the courier to collect your sample and deliver it to DNAlysis Biotechnology.

Analyse results


Your results will be analysed by our medical scientists who’ll supply a comprehensive report. The report will be sent to your medical practitioner.

Plan treatment


You’ll be notified when your medical practitioner has received your report. You can then set up a time to discuss the results and plan your treatment based on better insights for increased safety and effectiveness.

Order your mygeneRx test

Is my medication covered by the mygeneRx test?

mygeneRx tests for approximately 200 medications, including antidepressants, antipsychotics, pain medications, statins, anticoagulants and gastroenterology. To check if mygeneRx tests for your medication, enter the name of your medication below:

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