What is mygeneRx?

mygeneRx harnesses the power of genetic testing to ensure accurate, safe and effective prescription of medication. It’s an easy, non-invasive genetic test that analyses how your body metabolises medication, to highlight what works best for you and your loved ones.

What does it test?

mygeneRx analyses genotypes associated with responsiveness to over 200 medications covering cardiovascular, psychiatry and pain management, for example:




Pain medication

Gastroenterology and infectious diseases


The results

Once the mygeneRx cheek swab has been returned to the lab for analysis, the results will be sent to your medical practitioner and discussed with you to plan safe, informed and effective treatment. Here’s an example of what a mygeneRx report will look like:

Note: If your medical practitioner isn’t willing to assist in the process, you should consider getting a second opinion. You have the right to choose a medical practitioner willing to accommodate your unique healthcare needs.

The next generation of healthcare

The future of medicine is personalised

Traditionally, the approach to medication has been ‘one dose fits all’. But everyone’s genetic make-up is different. Which means the way you metabolise medication is unique. This can lead to negative side-effects or ineffectiveness of certain medications.


By analysing the unique ways your body processes medication and adjusting treatment accordingly, you can increase the effectiveness of your medication. Medical practitioners can also benefit by prescribing treatment that yields better results and avoid a trial and error approach to treating you. This is what’s known as personalised medicine.

For more information about personalised medicine, download the mygeneRx brochure.

From the laboratories of DNAlysis


mygeneRx is the latest addition to the DNAlysis portfolio, which currently includes nutrigenomic tests for gene-based, personalised diet and lifestyle. DNAlysis is a pioneer in genetic testing in South Africa, providing medical practitioners and patients with accurate genetic information to improve and maintain health and wellness. DNAlysis tests are conducted with integrity to the highest scientific standards – used by medical practitioners around the world. To find out more about DNAlysis Biotechnology, click here.

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